Title: In God's Hands: A Noblewoman's Struggle for Survival in War and Revolution, Author: Gisela v. z. M. Ives
Title: Family of Love: An Inspirational True Story of Faith and Determination, Author: Christine F. Carpenter
Title: Post-Traumatic Growth: Thriving in the Face of Adversity, Author: Brenda Ungerland
Title: The Second Room on the Right, Author: Linda Joyce
Title: Immigration Emigration Diversity: An Anthology, Author: Timothy F. Crowley
Title: My Greatest Discovery: Christ in you, the hope of glory, Author: Dan E. Perry
Title: Growing Up In North Carolina: Reflections On A Professor's Education, Author: Andrew Dobelstein
Title: First Success Book: The Promises of the Bible Applied to Financial Freedom, Author: Hugh Zachary
Title: Challenges on the Home Front: World War II, Author: The Writers' Discussion Group
Title: Without A Compass, Author: Martin Terrell
Title: Tomorrow Finally Came!, Author: Darwin G. Braund
Title: Journey of Deception, Author: Jeannette McBrayer
Title: Dogs & Cats of Chapel Hill: Furry Tails about Town, Author: Beverly Dyer
Title: Poets for Peace: A Collection, Author: Timothy F. Crowley
Title: God's Amazing Love Letter: and its impact on America, Author: Dan E. Perry
Title: Carter Chronicles, Author: Louis Combe
Title: Humanity at Work:Encouraging Spirit, Achievement & Truth to Flourish in the Workplace, Author: Santo Costa
Title: The Loving Caregiver: Two People Face Back-to-Back Crises Hand-in-Hand, Author: Alice Dudley
Title: Saturday's Child, Author: Ernestine L. Martin
Title: Village Voice: Collected Columns from the Chapel Hill News, Author: Robert Seymour

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