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Title: Advanced Interviewing Techniques: Proven Strategies for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Personnel, Author: John R. Schafer
Title: Photographic Regional Atlas of Bone Disease: A Guide to Pathologic and Normal Variation in the Human Skeleton, Author: Robert W. Mann
Title: Research in Special Education: Designs, Methods, and Applications, Author: Phillip D. Rumrill Jr.
Title: On the Edge: Recent Perspectives on Police Suicide, Author: John M. Violanti
Title: Principles of Pediatric Anesthesia, Author: Edward J. Bennett
Title: Radiography in the Digital Age: Physics - Exposure - Radiation Biology, Author: Quinn B. Carroll
June 16th
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Title: Language Development in Deaf and Partially Hearing Children, Author: D. M. Dale
Title: Geriatric Psychopharmacotherapy: Optimal Technique, Author: Alvin J. Levenson
Title: Environmental Toxicology: Principles and Policies, Author: Satu M. Somani
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Title: Devotions and Prayers for Police Officers: Providing Meaningful Guidance in a Variety of Situations, Author: Steven J. Voris
Title: Dental Hygienist
Title: Contrast: An Investigator's Basic Reference Guide to Fingerprint Identification Concepts (Second Edition), Author: Craig A. Coppock
Title: A Clinical Approach to Marital Problems: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment, Author: Bernard L. Greene
Hardcover $42.68 $65.25 Current price is $42.68, Original price is $65.25.
Title: Practical Guide to Psychodiagnostic Testing, Author: Lawrence Katz
Title: Language and Treatment of Autistic and Developmentally Disordered Children, Author: Thomas L. Layton
Title: Isometric Exercise and Its Clinical Implications, Author: Jerrold Scott Petrofsky
Hardcover $16.13 $25.25 Current price is $16.13, Original price is $25.25.
Title: Curriculum Management for Educational and Social Service Organizations / Edition 2, Author: Fenwick W. English
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Title: Meniere's and Its Management, Author: Tom Wilmot
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Title: Age Estimation of the Human Skeleton, Author: Krista/E Latham
Title: A Practical Guide to Leadership and Management in Academic Radiology, Author: Ronald L. Arenson

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