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Title: Secrets of the Game Business, Author: François Dominic Laramee
Title: Game Programming Gems 4, Author: Andrew Kirmse
Title: Game Art: Creation, Direction, and Careers / Edition 1, Author: Riccard Linde
Title: Programming Mutliplayer FPS Direct X, Author: Vaughan Young
Title: Make Amazing Games in Minutes, Author: Jason Darby
Title: Developing Serious Games, Author: Bryan Bergeron
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Title: Programming Believable Characters for Computer Games, Author: Penny Baillie-de Byl
Title: Game Programming Gems, Author: Mark DeLoura
Title: Indie Game Development Survival Guide, Author: David Michael
Title: The gmax Handbook / Edition 1, Author: Clayton E Crooks
Title: Game Developer's Open Source Handbook, Author: Steven Goodwin
Title: AI Game Engine Programming / Edition 1, Author: Brian Schwab
Title: Mobile Device Game Development, Author: Clayton E Crooks II
Title: Patterns In Game Design, Author: Staffan Bjork
Title: Sex in Video Games, Author: Brenda Brathwaite
Title: C++ for Game Programmers, Author: Noel Llopis
Title: AI Game Programming Wisdom, Author: Steve Rabin
Title: Game Programming GEMS 3, Author: Dante Treglia
Title: Online Game Interactivity Theory, Author: Markus Friedl
Title: Game Programming Gems 2, Author: Mark DeLoura

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