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Title: Changing History (Chasing Dreams, #0), Author: Victoria Spencer
Title: So I Might Be a Vampire, Author: Rodney V. Smith
Title: Derrin's Hot Pursuit, Author: Tucker Davis
Title: Heartless (The Chasing Hearts Series, #1), Author: Vanessa Marie
Title: Not This TIme, Author: V. Steele
Title: Chasing Bill Bryson: Chivalry is dead, but I'm still here, Author: Stephen Robert Morse
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Title: Chasing Beautiful (The Chasing Series), Author: Pamela Ann
Title: Chasing Red, Author: Isabelle Ronin
Title: Chasing Mercury: In the time of Mercury Poisoning Loving Someone Enough to Let Them Go is for Cowards, Author: September Williams
Title: A New Home: Book One in the Chasing Destiny Series, Author: Abigail Denver
Title: Awakening (Chasing Yesterday Series #1), Author: Robin Wasserman
Title: Chasing Helicity (Chasing Helicity Series #1), Author: Ginger Zee
Title: Marcus' Dreams Fulfilled, Author: Tucker Davis
Title: Midnight Caller (Chasing Evil Trilogy #1), Author: Leslie  Tentler
Title: Thesis Statement, Author: Michael Sinnes
Title: Flux Zone, Author: R Kain
Title: Chasing a Cure, Author: R.M. Hamrick
Title: Force of Nature (Chasing Helicity, Book One), Author: Ginger Zee
Title: Aine's Freedom, Author: Kate Marie Robbins
Title: Chasing Liberty: Book One in the Liberty Trilogy, Author: Theresa A Linden

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