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Title: The Illegal Trial of Jesus, Author: Earle L. Wingo
Title: The Secret History of the Jesuits, Author: Edmond Paris
Title: The Next Step, Author: Jack Chick
Title: La Historia Secreta de los Jesuitas, Author: Edmond Paris
Title: When The Mosque Comes To Town, Author: Gina S. Wilson
Title: Answers to Your Bible Version Questions, Author: David Daniels
Your Summer Reading Destination!
Title: Should a Christian be a Mason?, Author: David Daniels
Title: Answers to my Jehovah's Witness Friends, Author: Thomas Heinze
Title: Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?, Author: David Daniels
Title: Hot Topics, Author: Jack Chick
Title: ¿Debe Un Cristiano Ser Masón?, Author: David Daniels
Title: Vietnam: Why Did We Go?, Author: Avro Manhattan
Title: How to Be a Successful Teenager: 18 Secrets Every Teen Must Know to Succeed, Author: Rick Jones
Title: The Ark, Author: Jack T. Chick
Title: Christ, Muhammad and I, Author: Mohammad Al Ghazoli
Title: Selling of Jesus, Author: Victor V. Bryditzki
Title: Ganemos a los Testigos, Author: Daniel Rodríguez
Title: King of Kings, Author: Jack T. Chick
Title: El Próximo Paso, Author: Jack Chick

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