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Title: Your Child Does Not Have Bipolar Disorder: How Bad Science and Good Public Relations Created the Diagnosis, Author: Stuart L. Kaplan M.D.
Title: Child Honoring: How to Turn This World Around, Author: Raffi Cavoukian
Title: Drugging Our Children: How Profiteers Are Pushing Antipsychotics on Our Youngest, and What We Can Do to Stop It, Author: Sharna Olfman
Title: Bipolar Children: Cutting-Edge Controversy, Insights, and Research, Author: Sharna Olfman
Title: No Child Left Different, Author: Sharna Olfman
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Title: The Last Normal Child: Essays on the Intersection of Kids, Culture, and Psychiatric Drugs, Author: Lawrence H. Diller M.D.
Title: How Dysfunctional Families Spur Mental Disorders: A Balanced Approach to Resolve Problems and Reconcile Relationships, Author: David M. Allen MD
Title: The Sexualization of Childhood, Author: Sharna Olfman