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Title: The Velvet Chair (Velvet Lies Series #1), Author: C. P. Mandara
Title: The Velvet Caress (Velvet Lies Series #2), Author: C. P. Mandara
Title: The Riding School, Author: C. P. Mandara
Title: Learning the Ropes, Author: C. P. Mandara
Title: The Ties that Bind, Author: C. P. Mandara
Title: A Rough Ride, Author: C. P. Mandara
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Title: Sweet Submission, Author: Lia Anderssen
Title: Hot to Trot, Author: C. P. Mandara
Title: Arena of Shame, Author: Kate Benedict
Title: Named and Shamed, Author: C. P. Mandara
Title: Saxon Slave, Author: Kate Benedict
Title: Instilling Obedience, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: Fantasies of a Young Submissive, Author: Rosaleen Young
Title: Thyme II Thyme, Author: Jennifer Jane Pope
Title: Allison Rides the Spanking Horse, Author: Harry Lime
Title: The Crypt of Unthinkable Dreams, Author: J. Waters
Title: Captivation, Author: Sarah Fisher
Title: Girl School, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: Enslaved, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: The Degenerates, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: Addicted, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: Caralissa's Conquest, Author: Reese Gabriel
Title: Legacy of Sin, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: VESTA: Painworld, Author: Jennifer Jane Pope
Title: Punishment Exercise, Author: Kate Benedict
Title: Mastering Mrs Burton, Author: Laurel Aspen
Title: Space Captive, Author: Martin Hughes
Title: Possessing Allura, Author: Reese Gabriel
Title: House of Lust, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: School Reunion, Author: Laurel Aspen
Title: The Splits, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: Dream Captive, Author: Reese Gabriel
Title: The Nightclub, Author: N. T. Morley
Title: Journey into Slavery, Author: Juliette Neville
Title: A Desirable Property, Author: Nicole Dere
Title: The Innocent, Author: John Argus
Title: Dr Casswell's Student, Author: Sarah Fisher
Title: Dr Casswell's Plaything, Author: Sarah Fisher
Title: Total Abandon, Author: Lia Anderssen
Title: Illicit Passion, Author: Ray Gordon

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