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Title: The Innocent, Author: John Argus
Title: Dr Casswell's Student, Author: Sarah Fisher
Title: Dr Casswell's Plaything, Author: Sarah Fisher
Title: Strictly Discipline, Author: Roxane Beaufort
Title: Illicit Passion, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: Total Abandon, Author: Lia Anderssen
Title: Belinda: A Cruel Passage West, Author: Bryan Caine
Title: Schooling Sylvia, Author: Roxane Beaufort
Title: Of Pain and Delight, Author: Heidi Stone
Title: Puritan Passions, Author: Kate Benedict
Title: The Rescue, Author: B. A. Bradbury
Title: The Sex Dungeon, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: Sex Practice, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: Stephanie, Author: Susanna Hughes
Title: School of Corruption, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: A Kept Woman & Stolen Servant, Author: Audra Grayson
Title: House of Lust, Author: Ray Gordon
Title: The Instruction of Olivia, Author: Geoffrey Allen
Title: Order, Author: Domine T
Title: Elizabeth's Education - The Inheritance: New friends, new temptations, Author: Maggie Carpenter
Title: Bridled Lust, Author: Faith Eden
Title: Captured by Charybdis, Author: Bruce McLachlan
Title: Stephanie's Trial, Author: Susanna Hughes
Title: Teena Thyme, Author: Jennifer Jane Pope
Title: Moonspawn & Moonslave, Author: Bruce McLachlan
Title: A Strict Seduction, Author: Maria Del Rey
Title: Seeking the Mistress, Author: Imelda Stark
Title: Betty Serves the Master, Author: Madeleine Tanner
Title: Epiphany, Author: S. C. Gibson
Title: Submission Therapy, Author: Anna Cundell
Title: The Slaves of New York, Author: Susanna Hughes
Title: Their Master's Pleasure, Author: B. A. Bradbury
Title: Maggie and the Master, Author: Sarah Fisher
Title: Stephanie's Pleasure, Author: Susanna Hughes
Title: Bouquet of Bamboo, Author: Sarah Steel
Title: The Diaries of Syra Bond, Author: Syra Bond
Title: Enslaved by Charydbis, Author: Bruce McLachlan
Title: Slave of Darkness, Author: Francesca Lewis
Title: Reformed Characters, Author: Sarah Veitch
Title: Susie Goes to the Devil, Author: Roger Quine

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