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Title: Letters from Death Row: An Inmate's Search for Peace, Author: Erin Taylor Daniels
Title: Letters to Heaven: The Story of a Grandfather's Love, Loss, and Rediscovered Faith, Author: Ken Horn
Title: Dependable Garrick, Author: Patricia Jones
Title: Dear Mommy, Author: Joyce Ramirez
Title: Life's Missing Link, Author: Benjamin Fred Hedges
Title: Overcoming Fear: Eliminating the Bondage of Fear, Author: Creflo Dollar
Title: The Old Scraggly Tree, Author: Bobby Brunson
Title: Mystery High: Bully Alert, Author: Aaron Torrence
Title: Eli Goes To Church, Author: Josh Knipple
Title: He Looks Like Me: An evidence based guide for teachers mentoring African American Boys, Author: Dr. Michael A. Coe M.Ed D.Div.
Title: Life Never Ends; Love Never Dies, Author: Karen Makofske-Duhaime
Title: Elizabeth and the Time-Travel Car: Part 1, Author: Christian Faith Publishing
Title: The Dragon of Terre-Reim, Author: David Fahrenholz
Title: My Name Is Angel, Author: Anthony Scola
Title: Crayons, Author: Cam Tolar
Title: Eggxactly Where Did We Come From?, Author: Gayle Savage Davidson
Title: Surrendered To Christ: A Daily Devotional Guide Examining what it means to be a True Christ Follower as seen through the life and Ministry of Christ Jesus, Author: Harry Wise
Title: Riding for the Kingdom: The Cowboy Devotional, Author: Shakota Field
Title: Come, See...Go, Tell, Author: Malcolm G. Shotwell
Title: To the Moon and back, Author: Elizabeth Abshire

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