Title: A Maple Cookie Homecoming, Author: Judy Ann Davis
Title: Gingerbread Knight, Author: Pam Binder
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Title: Date Pinwheel Devotion, Author: Christine Smith-Allison
Title: Let it Snowball, Author: Margot Johnson
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Title: Kris's Kringles, Author: Linda Bleser
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Title: Red Velvet Crinkles and Christmas Sprinkles, Author: Maria Imbalzano
Title: A Christmas Cannoli Kiss, Author: Anne Armistead
Title: Linzer Tarts and Broken Hearts, Author: Carol Henry
Title: Sugar's Cookies, Author: Anya Sharpe
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Title: Ginger Snapped, Author: Shelley White
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Title: Snickerdoodle Snowmen, Author: Sarita Leone
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Title: Chocolate Chip Christmas Wishes, Author: Nicole Mccaffrey
Title: Spritz Cookie Showdown, Author: Melanie Hoffer
Title: Swiss Mistletoe and Macarons, Author: Amey Zeigler
Title: Spellbooks and Shortbread, Author: Denise D. Young
Title: The Great Christmas Jelly Cookie Hunt, Author: Rena Leith
Title: Not a Chocolate Snowball's Chance in Hades, Author: Lianne Kelly
Title: The Starlight Mint Surprise Murder, Author: Marla A. White
Title: Her Sugar Cookie Heart, Author: Sarita Leone
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Title: Candy Cane Cookie Cover-Up, Author: Jael Allen

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