Title: Failed State: A Novel, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: Tropic of Kansas: A Novel, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: Rule of Capture, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: Access and Equity in Postsecondary Education: A Special Issue of the peabody Journal of Education, Author: M. Christopher Brown II
Title: Inequality, Consumer Credit and the Saving Puzzle, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: The Politics of Curricular Change: Race, Hegemony, and Power in Education, Author: Christopher Brown II
Title: How to Make Billions the Easy and Rewarding Way, Author: Shane Christopher Brown
Title: Forget You: For a Minimum of Five Steel Drums, Drumset, and Optional Bass Guitar, Conductor Score & Parts, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: Even More Thoughts In A Small Rom, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: Froth And Hustle, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: Libyan Sugar, Author: Michael Christopher Brown
Title: Black Colleges Across the Diaspora: Global Perspectives on Race and Stratification in Postsecondary Education, Author: M. Christopher Brown II
Title: Race and the Senses: The Felt Politics of Racial Embodiment / Edition 1, Author: Sachi Sekimoto
Title: Educating African American Males: Contexts for Consideration, Possibilities for Practice, Author: Christopher Brown II
Title: Vin on Vin: I Am The Luckiest Man Alive, Author: Vincent Brown
Title: Father Browns Stories, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: Twisted Chris: With a Touch of My Lil' Bro Brandon, Author: Christopher Brown
Title: Studying Diverse Institutions: Contexts, Challenges, and Considerations: New Directions for Institutional Research, Number 118 / Edition 1, Author: M. Christopher Brown II
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Title: The Mindful Leader: 7 Practices for Transforming Your Leadership, Your Organisation and Your Life, Author: Michael Bunting
Title: The Great Blessedness Of Walking, Author: Christopher Brown

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