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Title: Dead Space: Salvage, Author: Antony Johnston
Title: Dead Space: Liberation, Author: Christopher Shy
Title: I Sleep in Stone, Author: Christopher Shy
Title: In Nomine, Author: Derek Pearcy
Title: Pathfinder, Author: Christopher Shy
Title: Mage Tradition Book: Verbena, Author: White Wolf Publishing
Title: Ascend, Author: Keith Arem
Title: Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood, Author: Malcolm Sheppard
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Title: Hunter: The Nocturnal, Author: Justin Achilli
Title: Silent Leaves, Author: Christopher Shy
Title: The North End of the World, Author: Christopher Shy
Title: Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers, Author: Bruce Baugh
Title: Order of Reason, Author: Brian Campbell
Title: Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy, Author: Deirdre Brooks
Title: Dead Speed, Author: Keith Arem
Title: Tradition Book: Euthanatos, Author: Deirdre Brooks
Title: Infernalism: The Path of Screams, Author: Phil Brucato
Title: Transhuman Space, Author: Steve Jackson Games
Title: Killing Streets, Author: Michael Butler
Title: Ascend Special Edition, Author: Keith Arem

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