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Title: The Next Witness, Author: Kirstyn Petras
Title: The Girl, Author: Victory Witherkeigh
Title: My Best Friend Athena, Author: Dana Hammer
Title: The Sunrisers, Author: Robyn Singer
Title: The Cannibal's Guide to Fasting, Author: Dana Hammer
Title: The Secrets that Kill Us, Author: Phoenix Blackwood
Title: Icarus over Collins, Author: Hector Duarte Jr.
Title: Prophet's Debt, Author: Robert Creekmore
Title: Fixed Moon, Author: Katie Groom
Title: Icarus over Collins, Author: Hector Duarte
Title: Not My Ruckus, Author: Chad Musick
Title: Imaginary Friends, Author: Chad Musick Pre-Order Now
Title: Gracie & Zeus Live the Dream, Author: Elizabeth Roderick
Title: Prophet's Lamentation, Author: Robert Creekmore Pre-Order Now
Title: The Love that Binds Us, Author: Phoenix Blackwood Pre-Order Now
Title: Relatively Normal Secrets, Author: C.W. Allen
Title: The Signs We Missed, Author: Lena S. May
Title: Tales of the Forgotten Founders, Author: C. W. Allen Pre-Order Now
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Title: Pixies in the Mist, Author: Rasta Musick
Title: The Secret Benefits of Invisibility, Author: C.W. Allen

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