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Title: Embracing Darkness (Key Series), Author: Yelena Casale
Title: A Touch of Darkness (Key Series, #1), Author: Tina Moss
Title: Curse of the Amber, Author: Kathryn Troy
Title: Midnight Desire (Ravens Hollow Coven), Author: Shari Nichols
Title: All I Ever Wanted (A Summer Love Novel, #1), Author: Katrina Mills
Title: Red Tea, Author: Meg Mezeske
Title: Heart of Fire, Author: Lisa Edmonds
Title: Mad God Walking (Walking Sideways, #1), Author: Connor Drexler
Title: Finding Kate (Shakespeare's Women Speak, #1), Author: Maryanne Fantalis
Title: Code Black (Paranormal Crimes Division, #1), Author: Tina Moss
Title: Purgatory's Angel, Author: B. Hughes-Millman
Title: Crazy on You (Love in the Fast Lane, #1), Author: Nicole Terry
Title: The Fix (If It's Broke, #1), Author: Kristin Rouse
Title: Chasing Destiny, Author: Sydney Ashcroft
Title: Unregistered (Children of the Uprising, #1), Author: Megan Lynch
Title: Divided (An Open Heart Novel, #1), Author: Sharon M. Johnston
Title: The Chans (Blackbird Series), Author: Em Shotwell
Title: Everything But the Earl (Wayward & Willful, #1), Author: Willa Ramsey
Title: Unafraid (Children of the Uprising), Author: Megan Lynch
Title: The Marker Chronicles, The First Trilogy: (Books 1 - 3 of Horror and Dark Fantasy), Author: Danielle DeVor

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