Title: City of Ruin, Author: Charissa Weaks
Title: Fire Magic & Ice Cream, Author: Lauren Connolly
Title: Ashes of Onyx, Author: Seth Skorkowsky
Title: Eight Days of Christmas, Author: Starla DeKruyf
Title: Mixed In, Author: Catherine Haustein
Title: Second Star to the Left, Author: Megan Van Dyke
Title: The Girl Who Belonged to the Sea, Author: Katherine Quinn
Title: Heart of Ice, Author: Lisa Edmonds
Title: Rescue Me, Author: Lauren Connolly
Title: Blood Rogue, Author: Linda J Parisi
Title: Heart of Malice, Author: Lisa Edmonds
Title: Mud, Author: E. J. Wenstrom
Title: Bad Girls Drink Blood, Author: S.L. Choi
Title: Future That Never Was, Author: Kin S. Law
Title: Red Tea, Author: Meg Mezeske
Title: The Family Cross, Author: Gabrielle Ash
Title: Divided, Author: Sharon M Johnston
Title: Tides of Time, Author: Luna Joya
Title: The Medievalist, Author: Anne-Marie Lacy
Title: Forbidden by Time, Author: Negeen Papehn

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