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Title: The Swing, Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Title: Saint Joseph's Day Table Cookbook, Author: Mary Ann Giordano
Title: The Case of the Messy Message and the Missing Facts, Author: Gabriella Vagnoli
Title: The F Words, Author: Barbara Gregorich
Title: Olmsted's Elmwood: The Rise, Decline and Renewal of Buffalo's Parkway Neighborhood, A Model for America's Cities, Author: Clinton E. Brown Pre-Order Now
Title: The Rainbow City: Celebrating Light, Color, and Architecture at the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo 1901, Author: Kerry Grant
Title: The Adventure of the Big Fish by the Small Creek, Author: Judy Bradbury
Title: Treasure in the Trunk: A Wordless Picture Book, Author: Linda MacRitchie Graf
Title: Buffalo From A to Z, Come Take a Tour With Me, Author: Brigette Atlas Callahan
Title: The Fine Art of Capturing Buffalo, Author: Mark Donnelly
Title: B is for Buffalo:: An Aerial Alphabet, Author: Christopher Hyzy
Title: Nickel City Chef:: Buffalo's Finest Chefs & Ingredients Book & DVD, Author: Christa Glennie Seychew
Title: The Case of the Messy Message and the Missing Facts, Author: Judy Bradbury
Title: Tales From Azar's Attic:: A Look Inside a Broadcasting Career, Author: Rick Azar
Title: Himself:: A Civil War Soldier's Battles with Rebels, Brits and Devils, an historic novel, Author: William Donohue
Title: Free Speech: And Why You Should Give a Damn, Author: Jonathan Zimmerman
Title: Buffalo's Delaware Avenue:: Mansions and Families, Author: Edward T. Dunn
Title: Tillie:: A New York City Girl: 1906-2001, Author: Mark Goldman
Title: Legacy of a Refugee:: An American-Hungarian Entrepreneur's Journey to Silicon Valley, Author: Laszlo Meszaros
Title: Allentown:: A Photographic Journey in the Heart of Buffalo, NY, Author: William Faught

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