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Title: Eating the Sun, Author: Rachael Ikins
Title: Two Doors, Author: Julia Gibson
Title: Closing Time, Author: Arthur Ramer
Title: Itako, Author: Virginia Aronson
Title: Geography Lessons, Author: Melissa Rendlen
Title: Body of Water, Author: Jeff Santosuosso
Title: Notes I Write to Myself in My Sleep, Author: Bruce Famoly
Title: First Truth, Author: Bertha Wise
Title: For Kate: A Love Story in Four Parts, Author: Rachael Z Ikins
Title: Mania, Author: Jeffrey-Paul Horn
Title: Give Water to the Potter, Author: KR Staller
Title: The Flock Unseen, Author: A.S. Coomer
Title: The Last Time We Saw Strangers, Author: Christopher Hopkins
Title: A Piglet for David, Author: Rachael Ikins
Title: Disturbing the Dust, Author: Peggy Seely
Title: Forms and Shades, Author: Bruce Pratt
Title: The Weight of a Box, Author: Laura Williams French
Title: The Brave: A Collection of Poetry and Prose, Author: Rachael Ikins
Title: Complications of Having Feet, Author: Raymond Bizzari
Title: Ghost Houses, Author: EJ Evans

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