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Title: Thirty-Three Years among the Indians: The Story of Mary Sagatoo, Author: Mary Sagatoo
Title: Niels Lyhne, Author: Jens Peter Jacobsen
Title: Katinka, Author: Herman Bang
Title: The Electrical Researches of the Honourable Henry Cavendish, Author: James Clerk Maxwell
Title: Mogens and Other Stories, Author: Jens Peter Jacobsen
Title: Vera, Author: Arnim Elizabeth Von
Title: On What Gives Value to Life, Author: Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher
Title: Ice Palace, Author: Tarjei Vesaas
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Title: Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead, Author: Barbara Comyns
Title: Young Entry, Author: Molly J. Farrell
Title: Celia, Author: E. H. Young
Title: Mighty and Their Fall, Author: Ivy Compton-Burnett
Title: Hester Lilly, Author: Elizabeth Taylor
Title: Try Anything Twice, Author: Jan Struther
Title: Conversation Piece, Author: Molly Keane
Title: The Vicar's Daughter, Author: E. H. Young
Title: Heritage and Its History, Author: Ivy Compton-Burnett
Title: Hackenfeller's Ape, Author: Brigid Brophy
Title: Where the Apple Ripens, Author: Jessie Kesson
Title: Wreath of Roses, Author: Elizabeth Taylor

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