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Title: The Vikings Chosen, Author: Quinn Loftis
#1 in Series
Title: Wind Warrior-The Novella, Author: Jon Messenger
#1 in Series
Title: Searching, Author: Cindy Cipriano
Title: Fading, Author: Cindy Cipriano
Title: Queen of the Ruins, Author: Jodi Gallegos
Title: The Witch's Tower, Author: Tamara Grantham
Title: The Hollow Queen, Author: Sherry Ficklin
Title: The High Crown Chronicles, Author: Jodi Gallegos
Title: Queen of Tomorrow: A Stolen Empire Novel, Author: Sherry D. Ficklin
Title: The Key, Author: Jennifer Anne Davis
Title: Arsonist's Lullaby, Author: Susan Harris
Title: Bad Bloods: July Lightning, Author: Shannon A. Thompson
Title: Exposing ELE, Author: Rebecca Gober
#3 in Series
Title: The Harvest, Author: N.W. Harris
#2 in Series
Title: Never Touched, Author: Laney Wylde
Title: Extracted, Author: Tyler H. Jolley
Title: Ending ELE, Author: Rebecca Gober
#5 in Series
Title: When Light Shatters, Author: Laney Wylde
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Title: Bellamy and the Brute, Author: Alicia Michaels
Title: Dreamthief: Olive Kennedy, Fairy World M.D., Book One, Author: Tamara Grantham

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