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Title: Walker Evans, Author: Clement Cheroux
Title: Henri Cartier-Bresson: Here and Now, Author: Clément Chéroux
Title: Henri Cartier-Bresson: Interviews and Conversations (1951-1998), Author: Clement Cheroux
Title: Discoveries: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Author: Clement Cheroux
Title: The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult, Author: Clément Chéroux
Title: Centre Pompidou Photo Collection, Author: Quentin Bajac
Title: Paparazzi!: Photographers, Stars, Artists, Author: Clement Cheroux
Title: Henri Cartier-Bresson: El disparo fotografico, Author: Clement Cheroux
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Title: A Picture Book, Author: Ute Eskildsen
Title: The Stamp of Fantasy: The Visual Inventiveness of Photographic Postcards, Author: Ute Eskildsen