Title: Ordering the Storm: How to Put Together a Book of Poems, Author: Susan Grimm
Title: A Bestiary, Author: Lily Hoang
Title: Arena, Author: Lauren Shapiro
Title: Advantages of Being Evergreen, Author: Oliver Baez Bendorf
Title: The Hartford Book, Author: Samuel Amadon
Title: Troubled by an Angel, Author: Elizabeth Murawski
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Title: Hurdy-Gurdy, Author: Tim Seibles
Title: You Find Yourself Believing in Things, Author: Deborah Gilbert
Title: Festival, Author: Broc Rossell
Title: Fat Sheep Everyone Wants, Author: Bern Mulvey
Title: In the Badlands of Desire, Author: Beckian Fritz Goldberg
Title: Attendant Ghosts, Author: George Looney
Title: Book of Orgasms, Author: Nin Andrews
Title: Horse Dance Underwater: Poems, Author: Helena Mesa
Title: The Leftovers, Author: Shaelyn Smith
Title: Short History of Pets, Author: Carol Potter
Title: Before the Blue Hour, Author: Deirdre O'Connor
Title: Rust or Go Missing, Author: Lily Brown
Title: Age of Glass, Author: Anna Maria Hong
Title: Snaketown: A Novella, Author: Kathleen Wakefield

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