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Title: On Time, Causality, and the Block Universe, Author: Anthony C Proctor
Title: Agent Pangolin, Author: A C Bradburn
Title: Intuitive Eating, Author: Lucia Bartoli
Title: Autism B Theory: The Cause, Development and Support of Autism, Author: Stephen Leighton
Title: The Redacted Sherlock Holmes: Volume I, Author: Orlando Pearson
Title: Attack at Dawn: Reliving the Battle of Narvik in World War II, Author: Ron Cope
Title: The Adventures of Eric the Spider, Author: Elaine Madle
Title: The Magical Sunglasses, Author: Nicole McGrath
Title: Music As Medicine particularly in Parkinson's, Author: PhD Daphne Bryan
Title: The Russian Tailor of Belfast, Author: Geraldine Connon
Title: Who Killed the Mince Spy?: A Food Crime Investigation, Author: Matthew Redford
Title: One?, Author: Jennifer L Cahill
Title: A Father's Betrayal, Author: Gabriella Gillespie
Title: The Special Relationship, Author: Frederica Hendricks Noble
Title: Making Michael: Inside the Career of Michael Jackson, Author: Mike Smallcombe
Title: Guide to Arrive, Survive and Thrive in Rio de Janeiro, Author: Norman Ratcliffe
Title: On Track for Murder, Author: Stephen Childs
Title: Crucifixion's A Doddle: The Passion of Monty Python, Author: Julian Doyle
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Title: Two Christmases, Author: Sharon France
Title: Zein: The Homecoming, Author: Graham J Wood

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