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Title: Hard Times Create Strong Men: Why the World Craves Leadership and How You Can Step Up to Fill the Need, Author: Stefan Aarnio
#1 in Series
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Title: The Bible Parenting Code: Revealing God's Perfect Parenting Plan, Author: John Rosemond
Title: Soul Care: 7 Transformational Principles for a Healthy Soul, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: Healing the Stormy Marriage: Hope and Help for YOU when Your Loved One has Mental Health or Addiction Issues, Author: R. Christian Bohlen
Title: Spiritual Authority: Partnering with God to Release the Kingdom, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: Deep Faith: Developing Faith that Releases the Power of God, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: C'mon, Man!: Taking on the Challenges Faced by Men, Author: Chris Robinson
Title: The Oracle: The Queen, the Princess, and the Whore, Author: Stefan Aarnio
Title: Just Diagnosed: Breast Cancer What to Expect What to Know What to do Next, Author: Arlene M. Karole CHCP
Title: Charming Impossibles: How Ordinary Angels Help Free the Hopelessly Stuck, Author: Susan E Foster
Title: Rebound: From Pain to Passion - Leadership Lessons Learned, Author: Matt Doherty
Title: River Dwellers: Living in the Fullness of the Spirit, Author: Rob Reimer
Title: COMPETE EVERY DAY, Author: Jake Thompson
Title: The Soul Care Leader: Healthy Living and Leading, Author: Rob Reimer Pre-Order Now
Title: Inside His Locked Box: The Marshall Racing Project 33 Story, Author: Susan E Foster
Title: Out of the Beaks of Birds: Our Crazy, Pesky.Verbs, Author: Cinda Klickna
Title: Stay Safe: Security Secrets for Today's Dangerous World, Author: Greg Shaffer
Title: Three Simple Things: Leading During Chaos, Author: Thom Shea
Title: Compete Every Day: The Not-So-Secret Secret to Winning Your Work and Life, Author: Jake Thompson
Title: Reliable Truth: The Validity of the Bible in an Age of Skepticism, Author: Richard E. Simmons

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