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Title: Sh*tty Mom for All Seasons: Half-@ssing It All Year Long, Author: Alicia Ybarbo
Title: White Out: The Secret Life of Heroin, Author: Michael Wesley Clune
Title: Ghosts of the Queen Mary, Author: Brian Clune
Title: California's Historic Haunts, Author: Brian Clune
Title: Haunted San Pedro, Author: Brian Clune
Title: Hollywood Obscura: Death, Murder, and the Paranormal Aftermath, Author: Brian Clune
Title: Gamelife: A Memoir, Author: Michael W. Clune
Title: Executing the Rosenbergs: Death and Diplomacy in a Cold War World, Author: Lori Clune
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Title: Historic Pensacola, Author: John J. Clune
Title: Them and Us?: Attitudinal Variation among Churchgoers in Belfast, Author: Anne Clune
Title: From Carr to Keneally: Labor in Office in NSW 1995-2011, Author: David Clune
Title: Genesee, Author: Henry W. Clune
Title: Extreme Motherhood: The Triplet Diaries, Author: Jackie Clune
Title: The Governors of New South Wales 1788-2010, Author: David Clune
Title: Clune's production of Ramona, Author: Clune's Studios
Title: American Literature and the Free Market, 1945-2000, Author: Michael W. Clune
Title: Man of the Month Club, Author: Jackie Clune
Title: The Judicial Interrogation of the Parties, Author: Robert Clune
Title: Studien über die Verfasserschaft des Andreas, Author: Ellen Clune Buttenwieser
Title: Decision and Deliberation: The Parliament of New South Wales 1856-2003, Author: David Clune

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