Title: An Act of Murder, Author: Mary Angela
Title: Coming Up Murder, Author: Mary Angela
Title: Unlikely Spy Catchers, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: Murder at the Mystery Castle (Marcie Rayner Series #2), Author: J.C. Eaton
Title: Death of a Dean, Author: Hazel Holt
7 in Series
Title: Regency Royal Navy Christmas, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder, Author: Hazel Holt
Title: Gone Away, Author: Hazel Holt
1 in Series
Title: Superfluous Death, Author: Hazel Holt
6 in Series
Title: Hazards in Hampshire, Author: Emma Dakin
Title: The Shortest Journey, Author: Hazel Holt
3 in Series
Title: The Cruellest Month, Author: Hazel Holt
2 in Series
Title: Murder on Campus, Author: Hazel Holt
5 in Series
Title: Let These Bones Live Again, Author: David Carlson
Title: Motherless Child, Author: V. M. Burns
2 in Series
Title: From the Devil's Farm, Author: Leta Serafim
3 in Series
Title: When the Devil's Idle, Author: Leta Serafim
2 in Series
Title: The Devil Takes Half, Author: Leta Serafim
1 in Series
Title: Travellin Shoes, Author: V. M. Burns
1 in Series
Title: Enter by the Narrow Gate, Author: David Carlson
1 in Series

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