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Title: Business Organizations: A Transactional Perspective, Author: Donald Scotten
Title: Counseling Theory and Practice / Edition 2, Author: Edward Neukrug
Title: Dealing with Critical Incidents: The Importance of Media Relations and Stress Management, Author: Robert Kirkland
Title: Empowering Public Speaking, Author: Deanna L. Fassett
Title: From Wonder to Wisdom: Introductory Readings in Philosophy, Author: Fidel A. Arnecillo
Title: Crisis Intervention: Building Resilience in Troubled Times, Author: Lennis G Echterling
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Title: Discrete Structures, Author: Harriet Fell
Title: Fundamentals of Investigative Report Writing / Edition 2, Author: Gary Guthrie
Title: I Inc.: Career Planning and Personal Entrepreneurship, Author: Mike Callahan
Title: Introducing the Old Testament Story: Reading Scripture as Spiritual Formation, Author: David Brisben
Title: Introduction to Human Evolution: A Bio-Cultural Approach, Author: Gillian Crane-Kramer
Title: TLC: Approach to Good Reasoning, Author: Robert Shanab
Title: Guided Inquiry Explorations into Organic and Biochemistry (Revised First Edition), Author: Julie K. Abrahamson
Title: Social Policy and Social Justice: Meeting the Challenges of a Diverse Society, Author: Michael Reisch
Title: Introduction to Counseling: An Art and Science Perspective, Author: Michael Nystul
Title: Crisis and Trauma Counseling: Unique Forms of Helping, Author: Eric Owens
Title: Foundations of Engaged Scholarship, Author: W. Ross Bryan
Title: Ten Philosophies that Shook the World: An Economical Introduction to Philosophy, Author: Larry Udell
Title: Advanced Criminal Investigations: Skills and Techniques for Detectives in the 21st Century, Author: Stephen D'Arcy
Title: Functional Behavior Assessment: Case Studies and Practice, Author: Kylan Turner

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