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Title: Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work, Author: Jerry R. Brandell
Title: Understanding Research: Becoming a Competent and Critical Consumer, Author: Jeffrey A. Kottler
Title: Counseling and Helping Skills: Critical Techniques to Becoming a Counselor, Author: Edward Neukrug
Title: Real Estate Accounting and Taxation, Author: John F. Mahoney
Title: Practicum in Counseling: A Developmental Guide, Author: Marianne Woodside
Title: Philosophy for Us, Author: Lenny Clapp
Title: Advanced Criminal Investigations: Skills and Techniques for Detectives in the 21st Century, Author: Stephen D'Arcy
Title: Helping Skills for Counselors: Fundamental Counseling Skills and Principles, Author: Anne Geroski
Title: Reading Strategies for College and Beyond / Edition 2, Author: Deborah J. Kellner
Title: Macro Social Work Practice: Working for Change in a Multicultural Society, Author: Michael Reisch
Title: Introduction to Counseling: An Art and Science Perspective, Author: Michael Nystul
Title: Murder at 144: A Student Investigative File, Author: Theresa Fanelli
Title: A Guide for Sustaining Conversations on Racism, Identity, and our Mutual Humanity, Author: Steve Burghardt
Title: Management Practice in Dietetics / Edition 4, Author: Nancy R. Hudson
Title: Growing Groups: A Journey of Healing, Growth, and Renewal, Author: Geoffrey Buckley
Title: Contemporary Ethical Issues in the Criminal Justice System, Author: Jason Williams
Title: Thermodynamics: Fundamentals and Applications for Chemical Engineers / Edition 2, Author: Miguel T. Fleischer
Title: The Comprehensive Public Relations Reader: Function and Practice, Author: Bob
Title: Humans and the Environment: Understanding This Complex Relationship, Author: Adrian James Tan
Title: Fundamental Statistics for the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences, Author: Miguel A Padilla

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