Title: Sacred Braille: The Rosary as Masterpiece through Art, Poetry, and Reflection, Author: Annabelle Moseley
Title: The Moral Psychology of St. Thomas Aquinas: An Introduction to Ragamuffin Ethics, Author: Peter Redpath
Title: A Practitioner's Guide to Physiologic Bioidentical Hormone Balance, Author: Jim Paoletti
Title: Intentional Manhood: A Coach's Perspective, Author: Mike Stanley
Title: Byword: A Nation Called out of Their Name, Author: Mark-Alan
Title: Dumpster Doll: The Early Years, Author: Michelle Mays
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Title: Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Author: Shane Kapler
Title: The Design and Construction of the Nautilus, Author: Demetri Capetanopoulos
Title: The Foreigner's Tale, Author: John Scott Brinkerhoff
Title: New Love, Spilt Milk, and Potbellied Pigs, Author: Thomas Fish
Title: Dealing with This Thing Called College: Stories to Help You Succeed in Undergrad, Author: Christopher Sumlin
Title: Tools for the Toddler Years: Parenting Support for the Time-Crunched, Always Interrupted, Mobile, Multi-Tasking Parents of Toddlers, Author: Yvonne Gustafson
Title: Eight Acres and a Cow, Author: Carol Patricia Richardson
Title: Chasing the Dream: Ten Years in the Upper Amazon, Author: Norman Walters
Title: Curse of the Coins, Author: Dianne Ahern
Title: Aries: Doorway to Initiation, Author: Amy Faye Sloter
Title: An Inconvenient Herd, Author: John Wiley
Title: Elmer's Tribal War, Author: Richard Alumbaugh
Title: Petition, Author: Bruce Schaffer
Title: My Pencil Made Me Do It, Author: Carrie Baughcum

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