Title: Threshing of Straw, Author: Kim Catron
Title: The Self-Publishing Handbook, Author: Brad Pauquette
Title: The Busker, Author: Brooks Rexroat
Title: Fellow Travellers, Author: Jesse Bethea
Title: The Ides of March, Author: Hannah Stephenson
Title: Outcasts: An Anthology, Author: Dan Fogler
Title: Sejal: The Walk for Water, Author: Brad a. Pauquette
Title: Random God Sightings, Author: Kelly Hanes
Title: Close to Shining, Author: Carolyn Bell Young Hisel
Title: Triskaidekan: 13 Stories for 2013, Author: Aaron Behr
Title: Building Your House: A Faithful Mom's Guide to Organizing Home and Family, Author: Shannon Upton
Title: Overgrown, Author: Amy S. Dalrymple
Title: Seven in a Jeep, Author: Ed Gaydos
Title: Organizing You: The Handbooks, Author: Shannon Upton
Title: Organizing You, Author: Shannon Upton
Title: The Husband, Author: Aaron Daniel Behr
Title: Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume 1, Author: Brad a. Pauquette
Title: Surplus: The Long Arm of Vietnam, Author: Ed Gaydos
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Title: The Columbus Ohio Coloring and Activity Book, Author: Katie Barron
Title: Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume 2, Author: Emily Hitchcock

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