Title: Buying into English: Language and Investment in the New Capitalist World, Author: Catherine Prendergast
Title: On the End of Privacy: Dissolving Boundaries in a Screen-Centric World, Author: Richard E. Miller
Title: South Asian in the Mid-South: Migrations of Literacies, Author: Iswari P. Pandey
Title: On Becoming Neighbors: The Communication Ethics of Fred Rogers, Author: Alexandra Klaren
Title: Rhetorical Crossover: The Black Presence in White Culture, Author: Cedric D. Burrows
Title: Literacy as Conversation: Learning Networks in Urban and Rural Communities, Author: Eli Goldblatt
Title: Illness as Narrative, Author: Ann Jurecic
Title: Authentic Writing, Author: Jeffrey Rice Pre-Order Now
Title: WordPerfect: Prospects for Literacy in the Computer Age, Author: Myron C. Tuman
Title: Persuasive Acts: Women's Rhetorics in the Twenty-First Century, Author: Shari Stenberg
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Title: Multimodal Literacies and Emerging Genres, Author: Tracey Bowen
Title: Translingual Inheritance: Language Diversity in Early National Philadelphia, Author: Elizabeth Kimball
Title: Composition and Big Data, Author: Amanda Licastro Pre-Order Now
Title: Rhetorics of Resistance: Opposition Journalism in Apartheid South Africa, Author: Bryan Trabold
Title: Tasteful Domesticity: Women's Rhetoric and the American Cookbook, 1790-1940, Author: Sarah W. Walden
Title: Producing Good Citizens: Literacy Training in Anxious Times, Author: Amy J. Wan
Title: Teaching Black: The Craft of Teaching on Black Life and Literature, Author: Ana Lara Pre-Order Now
Title: Writing on the Move: Migrant Women and the Value of Literacy, Author: Rebecca Lorimer Leonard
Title: Resounding the Rhetorical: Composition as a Quasi-Object, Author: Byron Hawk
Title: Unruly Rhetorics: Protest, Persuasion, and Publics, Author: Jonathan Alexander

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