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Title: Buying into English: Language and Investment in the New Capitalist World, Author: Catherine Prendergast
Title: Reframing the Subject: Postwar Instructional Film and Class-Conscious Literacies, Author: Kelly Ritter
Title: The Politics of Remediation: Institutional and Student Needs in Higher Education, Author: Mary Soliday
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Title: South Asian in the Mid-South: Migrations of Literacies, Author: Iswari P. Pandey
Title: Academic Discourse and Critical Consciousness (Pittsburgh Series in Composition, Literacy, and Culture), Author: Patricia Bizzell
Title: In the Archives of Composition: Writing and Rhetoric in High Schools and Normal Schools, Author: Lori Ostergaard
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Title: Toward a Civil Discourse: Rhetoric and Fundamentalism, Author: Sharon Crowley
Title: The Animal Who Writes: A Posthumanist Composition, Author: Marilyn M. Cooper
Title: Resounding the Rhetorical: Composition as a Quasi-Object, Author: Byron Hawk
Title: Reforming Women: The Rhetorical Tactics of the American Female Moral Reform Society, 1834-1854, Author: Lisa J. Shaver
Title: Producing Good Citizens: Literacy Training in Anxious Times, Author: Amy J. Wan
Title: Writing on the Move: Migrant Women and the Value of Literacy, Author: Rebecca Lorimer Leonard
Title: Between Languages and Cultures: Translation and Cross-Cultural Texts, Author: Anuradha Dingwaney
Title: Illness as Narrative, Author: Ann Jurecic
Title: Rhet Ops: Rhetoric and Information Warfare, Author: Jim Ridolfo Pre-Order Now
Title: Sounding Composition: Multimodal Pedagogies for Embodied Listening, Author: Steph Ceraso
Title: Tropic Tendencies: Rhetoric, Popular Culture, and the Anglophone Caribbean, Author: Kevin Adonis Browne
Title: Resisting Brown: Race, Literacy, and Citizenship in the Heart of Virginia, Author: Candace Epps-Robertson
Title: A Responsive Rhetorical Art: Artistic Methods for Contemporary Public Life, Author: Elenore Long
Title: The Evolution of College English: Literacy Studies from the Puritans to the Postmoderns, Author: Thomas P. Miller

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