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Title: Holy Magic, Author: Priscilla Long
Title: The Marriage of Space and Time, Author: Jed Myers
Title: Call This Room a Station, Author: John Willson
Title: Hospice House, Author: Joanne M. Clarkson
Title: Pages of White Sky, Author: Tim Sherry
Title: Ice Cream Poems: reflections on life with ice cream, Author: Patricia Fargnoli
Title: Why Elephants No Longer Communicate In Greek, Author: Timons Esaias
Title: Last Call: The Anthology of Beer, Wine & Spirits Poetry, Author: James Bertolino
Title: The Trident Poems, Author: Korkut Onaran
Title: Tree Talk, Author: Cindy M. Hutchings
Title: Coffee Poems: reflections on life with coffee, Author: Lorraine Healy
Title: Lake of Fallen Constellations, Author: Ronda Broatch
Title: Old Stories, Some Not True and other poems, Author: Tim Gillespie
Title: Cosmic Egg, Author: Brendan McBreen
Title: Night Beyond Black, Author: Lois Parker Edstrom
Title: Villain Songs, Author: Tammy Robacker
Title: To That Mythic Country Called Closure, Author: M
Title: There Is A Doe In The Winter Hayfield, Author: Susan Gordon
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Title: slight faith, Author: Risa Denenberg
Title: The Memory of Water, Author: Brendan McBreen

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