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Title: Patriarchy Blues, Author: Rena Priest
Title: Since the House Is Burning, Author: Suzanne Edison
Title: Holy Magic, Author: Priscilla Long
Title: A Broken Escalator Still Isn't the Stairs, Author: Chuck Carlise
Title: Between Darkness & Trust, Author: Lorraine Ferra
Title: Life Drawing, Author: Carmen Germain
Title: Rough Grace, Author: Raphael Helena Kosek
Title: How We Move Toward Light: New & Selected Poems, Author: Michael Magee
Title: Hospice House, Author: Joanne M. Clarkson
Title: Call This Room a Station, Author: John Willson
Title: Lake of Fallen Constellations, Author: Ronda Broatch
Title: Intention Tremor: A Hybrid Collection, Author: Tamara Kaye Sellman
Title: Cosmic Egg, Author: Brendan McBreen
Title: What the Alder Told Me, Author: Anita K. Boyle
Title: The Trident Poems, Author: Korkut Onaran
Title: something flown, Author: Patty Crane
Title: Rivers I Don't Live By, Author: Kelly Nelson
Title: Between River and Street, Author: Scott T. Starbuck
Title: Hunger, Author: Alice Derry
Title: Why Elephants No Longer Communicate In Greek, Author: Timons Esaias

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