Title: A Bio-Bibliography of Countee P. Cullen, 1903-1946, Author: Margaret Perry
Title: Conscientious Sorcerers: The Black Postmodernist Fiction of LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka, Ishmael Reed, and Samuel R. Delany, Author: Robert E. Fox
Title: The Character of the Word: The Texts of Zora Neale Hurston, Author: Karla FC Holloway
Title: Surprizing Narrative: Olaudah Equiano and the Beginnings of Black Autobiography / Edition 1, Author: Angelo Costanzo
Title: Black Music in the Harlem Renaissance: A Collection of Essays, Author: Samuel A. Floyd
Title: Black Students and School Failure: Policies, Practices, and Prescriptions, Author: Jacqueline J. Irvine
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Title: The Wealth of Races: The Present Value of Benefits from Past Injustices, Author: Richard F. America
Title: Education of the African American Adult: An Historical Overview / Edition 1, Author: Leo Mcgee
Title: An Unillustrious Alliance: The African American and Jewish American Communities, Author: William M. Phillips Jr.
Title: Politics in the African-American Novel: James Weldon Johnson, W.E.B. Du Bois, Richard Wright, and Ralph Ellison, Author: Richard Kostelanetz
Title: Prospects for Recovery and Sustainable Development in Africa, Author: Aguibou Yan Yansane
Title: Time in the Black Experience, Author: Joseph K. Adjaye
Title: A Journey into the Philosophy of Alain Locke, Author: Johnny Washington
Title: Public Policy and the Black Hospital: From Slavery to Segregation to Integration, Author: Woodrow Jones
Title: The Gong and the Flute: African Literary Development and Celebration, Author: Kalu Ogbaa
Title: Masters of the Drum: Black Lit/oratures Across the Continuum, Author: Robert E. Fox
Title: Digging the Africanist Presence in American Performance: Dance and Other Contexts / Edition 1, Author: Brenda D. Gottschild
Title: African Market Women and Economic Power: The Role of Women in African Economic Development, Author: Felix K. Ekechi
Title: Development Strategies in Africa: Current Economic, Socio-Political, and Institutional Trends and Issues / Edition 1, Author: Aguibou Yan Yansane
Title: Africa's Agenda: The Legacy of Liberalism and Colonialism in the Crisis of African Values, Author: Harvey J. Sindima

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