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Title: Vocabulary and Notes to Ba Jin's
Title: Pining Wind: A Cycle of No Plays, Author: Royall Tyler
Title: Nanking Letters 1949, Author: Knight Biggerstaff
Title: International Perspectives on Yanagita Kunio and Japanese Folklore Studies, Author: J. Victor Koschmann
Title: Land of Volcanic Ash: A Play in Two Parts, Author: Sakae Kubo
Title: Family Change and the Life Course in Japan, Author: Susan Orpett Long
Title: Ankoku Buto: The Premodern and Postmodern Influences on the Dance of Utter Darkness, Author: Susan Blakeley Klein
Title: Twelve Plays of the Noh and Kyogen Theaters / Edition 1, Author: Karen Brazell
Title: Five Plays by Kishida Kunio, Author: Kunio Kishida
Title: Ode to Stone, Author: Shiro Hara
Title: Deathsong of the River: A Reader's Guide to the Chinese TV Series
Title: Psychoanalysis in China: Literary Transformations, 1919-1949, Author: Jingyuan Zhang
Title: To Achieve Security and Wealth: The Qing Imperial State and the Economy, 1644-1911, Author: Jane Kate Leonard
Title: Like a Knife: Ideology and Genre in Contemporary Chinese Popular Music, Author: Andrew F. Jones
Title: Japan's National Security: Structures, Norms and Policy Responses in a Changing World, Author: Peter J. Katzenstein
Title: The Role of Central Banking in China's Economic Reform, Author: Carsten Holz
Title: Warrior Ghost Plays from the Japanese Noh Theater / Edition 1, Author: Cornell University Press
Title: Women and Millenarian Protest in Meiji Japan: Deguchi Nao and Omotokyo, Author: Emily Groszos Ooms
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Title: Transformation, Miracles, and Mischief: The Mountain Priest Plays of Kyogen, Author: Carolyn Anne Morley
Title: Selected Poems of Kim Namjo, Author: Namjo Kim

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