Title: The Unwelcome: A Novel, Author: Jacob Steven Mohr
Title: Secondhand Daylight: A Novel, Author: Eugen Bacon Pre-Order Now
Title: Night Waves: Something Has Been Set Free, Author: David Irons
Title: Dawn of the Construct: Book 1 of the Soul Machine Saga, Author: Eric N. Lard
Title: Dungeon Party: A Novel, Author: John  Webster Gastil
Title: By the Feet of Men: A Novel, Author: Grant Price
Title: SPLANX, Author: Peter Magliocco
Title: The Art and Science of Intergalactic Warmongery, Author: Field Marshal S. Myrston
Title: Indigo Starling: The Shattered Empires, Book 1 - A Novel, Author: Dundas Glass Pre-Order Now
Title: The Malaise, Author: David Turton
Title: The Witch's List, Author: Andrew Cairns
Title: Nila's Babies: A Paranormal Novel, Author: Jac Simensen
Title: Mirror Image, Author: Beth Murray
Title: The Alkoryn Chronicles: Part I Scripture From the Past, Author: C. J. Gleave
Title: The Visitor, Author: Christopher  Chase Walker
Title: Shattered: Where There Is Darkness, There Isn't Always Light, Author: J.  M. White
Title: Mission From Venus, Author: Susan Plunket
Title: Creations, Author: William Mitchell
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Title: Isak AI: A Novel, Author: Clarke Owens
Title: Arcamira, Author: Hannah  M. Sandoval

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