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Title: Lullaby, Artist: Counterpoint Three
Title: Berlin Counterpoint, Artist: Berlin Counterpoint Woodwind Quintet and Piano
Title: All Mixed Up! Counterpoint Sings the Music of Pete Seeger, Artist: Counterpoint
Title: Long Time Leaving: Dispatches from Up South, Author: Roy Blount Jr.
Title: Rose Cafe: Love and War in Corsica, Author: John Hanson Mitchell
Title: Recapturing the Reluctant Radical: how to win back Europe's populist vote by Catherine Fieschi, Marley Morris and Lila Caballero, Author: Counterpoint
Title: Hakuin's Precious Mirror Cave: A Zen Miscellany, Author: Counterpoint
Title: The Lankavatara Sutra: Translation and Commentary, Author: Counterpoint