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Title: 300-Foot Drop to a Miracle, Author: Jennifer Hukill
Title: Know Thine Enemy: A History of the Left: Volume 1, Author: Mark L. Melcher
Title: Call to the Falling Eagle, Author: Richard A. Wenglarz Ph.D
Title: The Madison Effect: An Inspiring Culture of Call, Author: Gary Robbins
Title: One Thing Missing, Author: Beth Roper Stewart
Title: #Spiritual Selfies: Snapshots from the Inside Out, Author: Glenny Z. Moore
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Title: Different Means You're Special, Silly, Author: Margaret Lanik
Title: Can a Burger Change a Man?, Author: Michael Beattie
Title: Some Kind of Special, Author: Tiffany Haggerty
Title: Break Every Chain: A Police Officer's Battle with Alcoholism, Depression, and Devastating Loss; And the True Story of How God Changed His Life Forever, Author: Jonathan E. Hickory
Title: The Last Thing Mama Wanted, Author: Teresa L. Wallace
Title: Coping with Grief: Surviving the Unexpected Loss of a Child, Author: Rick Larnerd
Title: Love Jesus!: Lessons in Passing, Author: Susan Rodebaugh Hadden
Title: Life in the Country Through the Eyes of a Kid:
Title: Tattered Balloon, Author: Nita Beecher-Heiser
Title: Through the Lens: A Book of Short Stories, Author: Erica R. Walker
Title: Weekly Encouragements, Author: Naum Ware
Title: Parables of a Pastor's Kid, Author: Curtis Simonson
Title: Shouting into the Mist, Author: Stephen James Kinkade
Title: Suzie Saves the Day, Author: Stacy Kreycik Miller

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