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Title: She Called Herself Jess: I Called Her Jessie, a Love of My Life, My Daughter: Letters to My Daughter, Jessica Leigh Pfeifer, from Her Mom: She Brought Color to the World, Author: Joann Pfeifer
Title: Endurance: The Display of Inner Strength That God Has Placed Within Each of Us, Author: Patricia L. Brown
Title: Finding the Water, Author: Rev. Mark Stang BCC
Title: Penelope's Song: A Seventeeth Century Tale for a Twenty-First Century World, Author: Carol J. DeMars
Title: Biblical Ancestry Voyage: Revealing Facts of Significant Black Characters, Author: Bishop Dr. Wm. LaRue Dillard
Title: Shattered Plans, Still a Future of Hope, Author: Jamiel A. Shaw Sr.
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Title: Living a HIP Life - Humble, Intentional, Prepared: The Story of a Mother, as Told by a Daughter, Author: Susan Lycett Davis (Dr. Sue)
Title: Lessons from My Father, Author: Patricia Dobson
Title: The Day of Daydreams, Author: Adam Feltner
Title: A TRIUMPHANT TAPESTRY, Author: Cheryl A. Bennett
Title: A Treehouse In Jericho, Author: Bill Peel
Title: Choose Hope: (Always Choose Hope), Author: Elizabeth J. Clark
Title: Faith Building Nuggets for Ordinary People, Author: Maryellen Christmas
Title: The Captain, The Missionary, and the Bell: The Wreck of the Steamship Atlantic, Author: Eric Larsson
Title: So Many Fragile Things, Author: Amy Kinzer Steidinger
Title: He Leads Forth the Prisoners with Singing, Author: Penny Fern
Title: The Savage Chronicles 1 John Savage: An Historical Romance, Author: Earl Sanders
Title: Fledge On A Ledge: An Urban Falcon Story, Author: Doug Chapman
Title: Luck of The Draw, Author: Jack Daniels
Title: True Grunt*: Not The Monster Of Vietnam, Author: Billy White

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