Title: Cybercrime: The Transformation of Crime in the Information Age / Edition 1, Author: David S. Wall
Title: Drugs and Crime: Theories and Practices / Edition 1, Author: Richard Hammersley
Title: Immigration and School Safety, Author: Anthony A. Peguero
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Title: Burglary, Author: Rob Mawby
Title: State Crime, Author: Alan Doig
Title: Street Crime / Edition 1, Author: Simon Hallsworth
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Title: Street Crime, Author: Simon Hallsworth
Title: Between Systems and Violence: State-Level Policy Targeting Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Lives, Author: Julio Montanez Pre-Order Now
Title: Murder, Author: Shani D'Cruze
Title: Deviance Among Physicians: Fraud, Violence, and the Power to Prescribe, Author: Thaddeus L. Johnson
Title: Power, Politics And Crime / Edition 1, Author: William J. Chambliss
Title: Fraud, Author: Alan Doig
Title: Armed Robbery / Edition 1, Author: Roger Matthews
Title: Unarmed and Dangerous: Patterns of Threats by Citizens During Deadly Force Encounters with Police, Author: Jon Shane
Title: Great Pretenders: Pursuits And Careers Of Persistent Thieves / Edition 1, Author: Neal Shover
Title: Safety Crimes / Edition 1, Author: Steve Tombs
Title: Armed Robbery, Author: Roger Matthews
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Title: Public Opinion, Crime, And Criminal Justice / Edition 1, Author: Julian V. Roberts
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Title: State Crime / Edition 1, Author: Alan Doig
Title: Race, Gender, and Punishment: From Colonialism to the War on Terror, Author: Jeanne Flavin

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