Title: All It Takes, Author: Clare Dugmore
Title: My Racy Reverse Harem Book Club, Author: Lina Jubilee
Title: Touch of Heartache, Author: Joy Penny
Title: Through Storm and Night, Author: Lauren Jankowski
Title: Truly, Madly, Deeply, Author: Clare Dugmore
Title: Soul of the Blade, Author: Brenda J. Pierson
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Title: Potions and Playing Cards: Large Print Edition, Author: Amy McNulty
Title: The Heart of Doctor Steele, Author: Colette Dixon
Title: Sere from the Green, Author: Lauren Jankowski
Title: From the Ashes, Author: Lauren Jankowski
Title: A Taste of Death and Honey, Author: Sharon Bayliss
Title: Mutiny's Rebellion, Author: Lina Jubilee
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Title: Succubus Lips, Author: Lina Jubilee
Title: Succubus Sirens: The Complete Series, Author: Lina Jubilee
Title: A Beautiful Touch, Author: Colette Dixon
Title: Touch of Fondness, Author: Joy Penny
Title: The Vainest Knife, Author: K.L. Teal
Title: Haunted by the Keres, Author: Lauren Jankowski
Title: Alexandra's Riddle, Author: Elisa Keyston
Title: Potions and Playing Cards, Author: Amy McNulty

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