Title: Who Am I?: Identity in Christ, Author: Jerry Bridges
Title: The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity, Author: Michael J. Kruger
Title: Preparing for Marriage: Help for Christian Couples (Revised & Expanded), Author: John Piper
Title: Devoted: Great Men and Their Godly Moms, Author: Tim Challies
Title: Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity, Author: Tim Challies
Title: The Scars That Have Shaped Me: How God Meets Us in Suffering, Author: Vaneetha Rendall Risner
Title: The Company We Keep: In Search of Biblical Friendship, Author: Jonathan Holmes
Title: Run to Win: The Lifelong Pursuits of a Godly Man, Author: Tim Challies
Title: Astonished by God: Ten Truths to Turn the World Upside Down, Author: John Piper
Title: Can I Smoke Pot?: Marijuana in Light of Scripture, Author: Tom Breeden
Title: Aging Gracefully, Author: Tim Challies
Title: Grace Is Free: One Woman's Journey from Fundamentalism to Failure to Faith, Author: Marci Preheim
Title: Sexual Detox, Author: Tim Challies
Title: Hit List: Taking Aim at the Seven Deadly Sins, Author: Brian G. Hedges
Title: Licensed to Kill: A Field Manual for Mortifying Sin, Author: Brian G. Hedges
Title: Dating with Discernment: 12 Questions to Make a Lasting Marriage, Author: Sam Andreades
Title: Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick of Porn, Author: Tim Challies
Title: Faith: A Bible Study on James for Women, Author: Keri Folmar
Title: Killing Calvinism: How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside, Author: Greg Dutcher
Title: On Purpose: Living Life as It Was Intended, Author: Jonny Ivey

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