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Title: Television Man: A Novel, Author: David Swerdlow
Title: Ricky's Back Yard - Cult, Author: Jo Szewczyk
Title: Hand Luggage, Author: Cristina Bresser De Campos
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Title: Eat the Coconut Doughnut, Author: Bobi Morgan Wood
Title: One More Than Thirty, Author: Ryan Dunham
Title: Kalfona: Escape the Aviary, Author: Cass Eastham
Title: My Africa, Author: Omotayo Olaoye
Title: The Rise and Fall of a Very Bad Girl, Author: Suzanne Burns
Title: The Bar of Soap: 31 City Stories, Author: Joseph Sutton
Title: Misguided Behavior: : Tales of Poor Life Choices, Author: Leah Mueller
Title: Redemption Story, Author: IL Green
Title: Heat, Author: Steven Carr
Title: Phoenix Tears, Author: Linda M Crate
Title: Escape from Earth (the Journal of a Planetary Pioneer), Author: Duane L. Herrmann
Title: Personal Earthquakes, Author: Henry Presente
Title: Death's a Bitch, Author: Steven F. Martinez