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Title: Far Frontiers, Author: Martin H. Greenberg
Title: Historical Hauntings, Author: Jean Rabe
Title: The Family: Special Effects, Author: Kevin McCarthy
Title: Voices in the Solemn Wind, Author: Patricia A. Arrington Daniels
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Title: Compass of the Soul: River into Darkness #2, Author: Sean Russell
Title: Single White Vampire Seeks Same, Author: Various
Title: Retribution, Author: Elizabeth Forrest
Title: The Omega Game, Author: Stephen Krane
Title: Sunderlies Seeking: Ghatten's Gambit #1, Author: Gayle Greeno
Title: Warrior Fantastic, Author: Various
Title: Spirit Fox, Author: Mickey Zucker Reichert
Title: Zimmerman's Algorithm, Author: S. Andrew Swann
Title: My Favorite Horror Story, Author: Mike Baker
Title: My Favorite Science Fiction Story, Author: Martin H. Greenberg
Title: Guardsmen of Tomorrow, Author: Martin H. Greenberg