Title: Tight Laced, Author: Marla Monroe
Title: Where There's Smoke: A Collection of Shapeshifter Romances, Author: Mary Alice Pritchard
Title: Hiding in Shadows: Savannah, Author: Anna Volk
Title: Real Men Have Fangs, Author: Susan Blexrud
Title: Ice Maiden, Author: Miriam Newman
#3 in Series
Title: The Aphrodite Affairs: Circle of Love, Author: Kate Hofman
Title: Golden Adonis, Author: Kate Hofman
Title: Stupid Cupid, Author: Miriam Newman
Title: Dark Lover, Author: Kate Hofman
Title: Confessions of the Cleaning Lady & Stupid Cupid, Author: Miriam Newman
Title: Dark Child, Author: Miriam Newman
Title: Summer Solstice, Author: Kate Hofman
Title: Heart of the Earth [The Chronicles of Alcinia Book 2], Author: Miriam Newman
Title: Falling For You, Author: Jennifer Patricia O'keeffe
Title: My Love, Forever, Author: Kate Hofman
Title: My Lord Beast, Author: Anna Volk
Title: Finding Love Out of Tragedy: Theresa, Author: Anna Volk
Title: Chloe and the Beast, Author: Kristi Ahlers
Title: Rescued, Author: Miriam Newman
Title: Julian's Jungle Book, Author: Kate Hofman

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