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Title: Washington Outdoor Activity Guide, Author: Archie Satterfield
Title: 52 New York Weekends, Author: Michael A. Schuman
Title: New Jersey: Exploring Wild and Scenic Places, Author: Dale Swensson
Title: 52 New Jersey Weekends, Author: Mitch Kaplan
Title: The Connecticut Outdoor Activity Guide, Author: Kelley Roark
Title: Natural Wonders of Washington: A Guide to Parks, Preserves and Wild Places, Author: Archie Satterfield
Title: 52 Illinois Weekends, Author: Bob Puhala
Title: New York and New Jersey Coastal Adventures: Whales, Beaches, Packets, Tugs, Tall Ships, Lighthouses and More, Author: Betsy Frawley Haggerty
Title: Colorado Outdoor Activity Guide, Author: Claire Walter