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Title: Happy Go Lucky, Author: Janet Provitera
Title: Two Wishes, Author: Tom Henderson
Title: Beeswing Makes Friends, Author: James Bruner
Title: The Grumpface, Author: B.C.R. Fegan
Title: Cooked Broccoli, Author: Daniela Frongia
Title: How Big is Your Love, Author: Deborah Price
Title: Blooming Readers-Basic Sight Word Family Book, Author: Susieann Beavers Harris
Title: Otto The Otter's Muddy Puddle, Author: Chez Rafter
Title: Captain RAS in Be Careful What You Wish for!, Author: Lorna Davies
Title: The People On My Street, Author: Paul Andrew Smith
Title: Characters Like Me- Chyna's Doll: Chyna And Luna, Author: Schertevear Q. Watkins
Title: My Heart is in Afghanistan, Author: Michelle Martin Dobbins
Title: Maurice's Big Day, Author: Tanesha Denmark-Hopson
Title: A Bedtime Story for Jack, Author: Rosalind Allen
Title: Loved By Two: Being loved by people of the same sex, Author: Tanesha Hopson
Title: The Adventures of Camellia N. Under The Sea, Author: Debra Wideroe
Title: Bandicoot Island, Author: Christian Bandicoot
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Title: Characters Like Me- Not Your Friend Anymore: Devin And Monique, Author: Essence T.M. Watkins
Title: Famous Pies for the Mayor's Party. Color publication.: Kindness to others will be repaid, Author: John E. Davis

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