Title: Fogged Inn (Maine Clambake Series #4), Author: Barbara Ross
Title: Musseled Out (Maine Clambake Series #3), Author: Barbara Ross
Title: The Wicked Redhead: A Wicked City Novel, Author: Beatriz Williams
Title: Hanger Management: Master Your Hunger and Improve Your Mood, Mind, and Relationships, Author: Susan Albers PsyD
Title: Girl in the Shadows, Author: Gwenda Bond
Title: Hap and Hazard and the End of the World: A Novel, Author: Diane DeSanders
Title: Beekeeping for Beginners: How to Raise Your First Bee Colonies, Author: Amber Bradshaw
Title: Shattered Blue, Author: Lauren Bird Horowitz
Title: The Rebellious Sister, Author: Sarah Noffke
Title: It Ends in Fire, Author: Andrew Shvarts
Title: All the Breaking Waves: A Novel, Author: Kerry Lonsdale
Title: The Born Leader, Author: Sarah Noffke
Title: The King's Jar: A Dani O'Rourke Mystery, Author: Susan C. Shea
Title: In Case You Missed It, Author: Sarah Darer Littman
Title: The Wonder of Now, Author: Jamie Beck
Title: Wicked Widow Lib/E, Author: Beatriz Williams Pre-Order Now
Title: The Uncooperative Warrior, Author: Sarah Noffke
Title: On the Corner of Love and Hate, Author: Nina Bocci
Title: Justice Unhatched, Author: Sarah Noffke
Title: Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men, Author: Jane Ward

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