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Title: Barb Wire
Title: Earth's Final Hours
Title: Thriller, Author: David Hogan Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Renewal Journal 9: Mission, Author: David Hogan
Title: Reed Design for Early Woodwinds, Author: David Hogan Smith
Title: Who's Who of the Horrors and Other Fantasy Films: The International Personality Encyclopedia of the Fantastic Film, Author: David Hogan
Title: Love and Lethargy: stories and poems, Author: Thaddeus David Hogan Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Last Island, Author: David Hogan
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Title: Urak Lawoi', Author: David Hogan
Title: Behemoth
Title: Maneater Triple Feature 7
Title: Believe: The Weeping Tree Chronicles, Author: Philip David Hogan
Title: Command Post at War: First Army Headquarters in Europe, 1943-1945, Author: David Hogan Jr.