Title: Have, Author: Lee Robison
Title: Advice for a Young Poet, Author: Norman Minnick
Title: Going Fast, Author: Roberta Senechal de la Roche
Title: Calling the Names, Author: Mark Saba
Title: Night Chaser, Author: Joshua Coben
Title: Overhead from Longing, Author: Judith Alexander Brice
Title: Almost Naked, Author: Hadley Hury
Title: When Sunset Weeps: Homage to Emily Dickinson, Author: George H. Northrup
Title: The Field, Author: Rhina P Espaillat
Title: Prisoners of Gravity, Author: Joseph Gastiger
Title: Defying Gravity, Author: Rosemary Winslow
Title: Under the Radar, Author: Jane McGuffin
Title: The Burning Where Breath Used to Be, Author: Jen Karetnick
Title: Tap Dancing on the Razor's Edge, Author: Paul A Lubenkov
Title: Between Dog and Wolf, Author: David Hathwell
Title: Parable, Author: Peter Karoff
Title: Imbibe the Air, Author: Judith Alexander Brice
Title: An Ocean Large Enough, Author: J.L.  Cooper
Title: Dark and Light Verse, Author: Allen Lee Ireland
Title: The Moon Is the Capital of the World, Author: J.R. Solonche

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