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Title: Women in the Ancient Near East, Author: Marten Stol
Title: Golda Meir: A Political Biography, Author: Meron Medzini
Title: Linear Algebra: A Course for Physicists and Engineers / Edition 1, Author: Arak M. Mathai
Title: Zionist Israel and the Question of Palestine: Jewish Statehood and the History of the Middle East Conflict, Author: Tamar Amar-Dahl
Title: The CMO of People: Manage Employees Like Customers, Author: Peter Navin
Title: Organic Chemistry: Fundamentals and Concepts, Author: John M. McIntosh
Title: Poetry, Bible and Theology from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages, Author: Michele Cutino
Title: Assyrian and Babylonian Scholarly Text Catalogues: Medicine, Magic and Divination, Author: Ulrike Steinert
Title: Mathematics for the Physical Sciences, Author: Leslie Copley
Title: Probability and Statistics: A Course for Physicists and Engineers / Edition 1, Author: Arak M. Mathai
Title: Ancient Jewish Prayers and Emotions: Emotions associated with Jewish prayer in and around the Second Temple period, Author: Stefan C. Reif
Title: Jews and Protestants: From the Reformation to the Present, Author: Irene Aue-Ben David
Title: Prehistoric Mobility and Diet in the West Eurasian Steppes 3500 to 300 BC: An Isotopic Approach, Author: Claudia Gerling
Title: Handbook Global History of Work, Author: Karin Hofmeester
Title: Understanding Material Text Cultures: A Multidisciplinary View, Author: Markus Hilgert
Title: Peoples of the Apocalypse: Eschatological Beliefs and Political Scenarios, Author: Wolfram Brandes
Title: Communication and Materiality: Written and Unwritten Communication in Pre-Modern Societies, Author: Susanne Enderwitz
Title: Christianity, Book-Burning and Censorship in Late Antiquity: Studies in Text Transmission, Author: Dirk Rohmann
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Title: Libraries in the Manuscript Age, Author: Nuria de Castilla
Title: Naming and Mapping the Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean: Spaces, Mobilities, Imaginaries, Author: Thomas Galoppin

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